When you believe that you received you have planted your faith.  Use this faith you have, set your course, and it will grow. A simple follow-up question is how persistent are you?  Take God at his word and "hold fast the confession of your faith."  Then, when your senses challenge your trust, remember faith is the opposite of sense.

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"When ye pray believe that ye receive them."  Jesus' words in Mark 11:24 are so simple yet the essence of truth. It is the prayer of faith. Jesus did not utter an opinion; he knew, and he spoke in present tense. If we take God at His Word and don't let our senses get involved, we can believe when we pray the first time.  Because, His will is His Word!

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Jesus' life was an example of going the extra mile.  In John 4:13-30 we clearly see how He offered the Samaritan woman, not just a drink of water; but He moved above the expected and offered the LIving Water that quenched life's thirst.  This gift opened the opportunity to the whole village. Like Jesus, within every Christian is the God given ability to go the extra mile.  Don't stop at what is expected.  Just do it!  Push on to the extra mile. 

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Who is the church? The Apostle Paul took up this question in Ephesians, "And (God) hath put all things under his feet, and gave to him (Jesus) to be the head over all things to the church. Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all " (Ephesians 1: 22-23). Church is not a sacred time or place, but Christ in you is church manifested in the flesh. To encounter Jesus is to experience church; to experience church is to leave your comfort zone and in leaving your comfort zone you face God's call - God's call is life itself.

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