Are you ready for your breakthrough? In this message Pastor Al shares some secrets to getting a breakthrough! He teaches us what to do to get ready for a harvest!
It's harvest time! Are you ready?

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Everyone has a mental list of of your favorite scriptures.  In this message, Pastor Al discusses the top 10 scriptures in the Bible from a recent poll.  Favorites in the old and new testament from Matthew 6:33 to Proverbs 3:5.   He also discusses the importance of feeding on the Word of God.

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The Bible tells us to put on the whole armor of God!  The armor of God helps us to fight the fight of faith and stand against the strategies of the devil!  Enjoy this message as Pastor Al wraps up the series on the book of Ephesians!  

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The purpose of wearing armor in battle, is to keep you protected.  The devil looks for people who aren't wearing the armor of God. In this message, you will learn how to put on the armor of God so that you can stand against the tricks of the devil.  You have authority over the enemy!

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