God called us out of darkness! We are now people of light! Listen closely as Pastor Al teaches on how to walk in the light. When we operate in the light we have joy and perfect peace. Walk in the light!

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We all experience temptation, but it's important to know what to do when you're tempted. In this message, Pastor Al teaches us how to withstand temptation from the book of Ephesians. Sin is not fitting for us. If we operate in sin, we cannot partake of the inheritance God has for us. 

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Have you ever felt like giving up? When we're up against situations sometimes we are discouraged.  In this message, Pastor Carla teaches us how to stand strong when we face challenges.  If we press, we will attain our goals and receive everything God has for us! P.R.E.S.S Placing Real Effort Standing Strong!

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