Goal Setting More stuff on goal setting.
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Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' This episode is a continuation of a message that Dr. Jennings taught recently called, "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' " (the webcast of that message can be accessed at: www.summitindy.tv).
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Move One Step Closer Toward Your Goal Learn a a short and simple exercise that will take you one step closer to your goal.
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Inspiration from Edison This episode features inspirational quotes by Thomas Edison.
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Your God-Given Creativity In this episode, you will learn about the creativity that God has placed on the inside of you and two reasons that make you unique.
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Cultural Change 8 _"The CIRCLE" KBO! Pt.1 Pt. 1 of a discussion with "The Circle", a group of young adults in their 20's about how they're reaching their generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Love: The Great Distance Eliminator Learn how God used the tool of love to eliminate the distance between humanity and Himself. And we can follow his example and love like He loves. Learn what creates distance in marriages and other relationships and (when that happens) what to do to bring the closeness back.
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Love 2 Dr. Jennings discusses loving God, loving yourself, and loving others.
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Sweet Hour of Prayer Dr. Jennings discusses how to pray the "Sweet Hour of Prayer" based on the prayer that Jesus taught the disciples to pray.
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Love Dr. Jennings discusses the God-kind of love and what it means. We have one commandment in the New Covenant and that is the commandment to love. Love is the royal law.
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